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Class 4 Truck Licence

Easy as, affordable training to get your class 4 truck licence. Truck hire available. We cover all Wellington CBD and surrounding suburbs, Kapiti and Masterton.

We are NZTA and MITO Approved Driving Instructors.

Training Details

To drive any heavy Rigid vehicle with a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) over 18,000KG you require a Class 4 Heavy Vehicle Licence.

Prerequisite: You must hold your Class 4L (Learner Licence) before you’re able to sit this course. For information on gaining your licence – refer to the NZTA.

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Truck driver

Training Guide

The Class 4 time reduction course is made up of 3 components, which are compulsory.

Day 1 - Unit standard 24089

Demonstrate knowledge of driving hours law, Fatigue Management and complete driver logbook. This Theory course takes approximately 7 hours.

Please Note: If this unit has been done as part of a class 2 course by an approved course provider and you can show proof of completion (see below) then this unit is not required.

Proof of completion must be one of the following:
- Either a copy of your course completion certificate issued by the course provider, or,
- Written confirmation from your course provider that it has been completed as part of your class 2.

Day 2 - Unit Standard 17576

Demonstrate knowledge of driver licencing requirements for Class 4 full Licence. This theory course takes approximately 5 hours.

Practical Assessment

Class 4 Licence Course

Your Class 4 Licence, Easy As

Bus-ted! We just caught you looking into getting a class 4 driver’s licence, and we’re so glad we did. Here at 2Fathers driving training, our founder James Ford-Hathaway is a former (and exceptional) bus driver, and so he really knows what it takes to drive well and to drive, well…safely.

A Class 4 Licence Course. Yes, It Really Does Make a Difference

In New Zealand, you can still sit for your class 4 driver’s Licence without participating in an approved course.

Did you know, however, that doing so can delay the process for several months? With our course (which is only a few days, mind you), you could have your NZ bus Licence in a fraction of the time, getting you behind the wheel sooner rather than later.

Our class 4 driver’s Licence course is ideal for those who wish to acquire their Licences quickly. For example, maybe you need it for work (we offer bulk services to corporations, too, just a quick FYI), or perhaps you want to upskill so you can finally get that heavy mobile home you’ve always wanted. Either way, our course can do more than just get you over the line.

We’ll make sure to equip you with all the necessary tools to ensure you not only pass your test but that you do so confidently and with flying colours.

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